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Monday, July 12, 2021

Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer Android Application


*Large photos? No problem! Puma is a photo resizer that compress photo, resize photo, or reduce photo file size :)

Puma image Android Application compressor helps you to reduce photo size, resize photo and resize image without losing quality. Puma image resizer is a great kb converter app that decrease photo size in kb (photo compress), and you can adjust photo size.

Puma Image  Android Application Compressor Modes:

Auto - photo resizer: the simplest way for image resizer. Perfect resolution changer for photo emailing (even 50 in one email).
File Size - kb converter app: allows you to specify the photo file size in KB or MB, and Puma decrease photo size in kb.
Resolution & Quality - advanced image compressor: specify resolution changer for photo and compress photo quality.

Features Of The Image Compressor Puma Android Application:

* Compress photo and reduce photo file size (compress image)
* Photo batch resize or photo batch compress
* Resize photo, compress photo and share without saving
* Compare picture resizer before and after
* Enhance photo quality with this image converter
* Reduce photo size, reduce image size with puma image compressor (photo compress)
* Free up phone memory by replacing big photos with photo resizer
* Photo compressor and kb converter app, resize photo and resize image.

▷ -Features:

■ Basic features of Application:

Advantages Of Photo Resizer Puma Android Application:

* Image resizer without loss of quality ( resize image )
* The image compressor app reduce photo file size but maintains the same dimension (photo compress)
* Resize photo and send by e-mail or sms, mms (reduce photo size)
* Predefined sizes for social sharing and start to adjust photo size ( compress photo )
* Ready photo resizer for instagram, facebook, whatsapp, youtube, etc.
* Photo size reducer and enhance photo quality

How Image Compressor Puma  Android Application Works:

  • Perfect photo resizer for your Albums - photo size reducer
  • The picture compressor app can resize photo or albums in batch
  • Open image resizer and send directly to email
  • Our image resizer app is an excellent image compressor ready to send directly from your email account.
  • Adjust photo size to your needs - reduce photo size
  • Set the Resolution to 1920x1080, 2048x1152 (2048 pixels wide, 1152 pixels high) or customized, Crop Pictures, Crop Photo and Crop for Instagram.
▷  What’s New


Premium Application Features: 
  Image resize easy share on social networks - image size reducer
Resize photo and resize image for Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp and more ( resolution changer for photo ).
Free up space on the device - photo compress
Amazing kb converter app, fast image resizer and your smartphone or sd card will not be out of space with the help of photo compress app to reduce photo file size.

Download image compressor, and start to reduce photo size, shrink photo size an squoosh with this great tool it photo editor

Minimum Requirements:
To use the image resizer app Puma reduce photo size, requires Android 4+.Download

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