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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

ChatChart - WhatsApp Analyser for Chat Statistics Android Application

* Chat Chart - WhatsApp AnaIyser for Chat Statistics Android Application*

A brief overview In recent years, WhatsApp has become the most popular and successful mode of communication. WhatsApp chats are a collection of various kinds of conversations that occur among a group of people. This debate touches on a variety of topics. This data will be a gold mine for cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning. For a machine learning model, the most important thing is to provide the best learning experience possible, which is affected in part by the data we feed it. Chat Chart aspires to provide a comprehensive analysis of WhatsApp data. Chat Chart has the advantage of being implemented with basic python modules like pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, and sentiment analysis, which are used to generate data frames and plot different graphs, which are then displayed in the flutter application, which is an efficient and resource-light algorithm that can be applied to even the largest dataset.

Chat Chart is a tool for analysing and interpreting data. The first step in implementing a machine learning algorithm is determining what kind of learning experience the model should be based on. Data pre-processing is critical when it comes to machine learning. We needed a lot of data to make the model work, so we focused on WhatsApp, one of Facebook’s largest data producers. To get the chat statistics, simply export the user or group chat from WhatsApp to this ‘Chat Chart’ app. To work, ‘Chat Chart’ does not require any additional permissions. The study is conducted in complete isolation, with no access to the Internet or any other interface..

▷ -Features:

■ Basic features of Application:

✔️Important notes:

ChatChart - WhatsApp Analyser for Chat Statistics Android Application:

Chat Chart is an app to provide statistical analysis of any WhatsApp conversation.
✓ Completely Free
✓ Does not have access to any device permission
✓ Does not require Internet
✓ Does not collect device data

To obtain the chatistics, simply export the individual or group chat from WhatsApp to this 'ChatChart' app

After analyzing the exported chat, this ChatChart displays the statistical data with bar graphs
Analysis includes statistics on:
☆Total number of –
• Messages per user
• Words per user
• Letter per user
• Emojis per user
• Deleted message of each user
• Media files shared by each user
• Links per user
• Message per day of the week
• Messages per hour
• Messages per month
• Messages in last few days
☆Top Emojis in the chat
☆Top 5 Emojis of each user
☆Top Words in the chat
☆Top 5 Words of each user
☆Top shared links
☆Top 5 links of each user
☆Most Messaged days
☆First and last messaged date and time of each user

'Chat Chart' does not require special permissions to work. The analysis is done in isolation, without access to the Internet or device data..

▷  What’s New


Premium Application Features: 

What’s New

Steps to get statistics of any WhatsApp chat with 'ChatChart' ':
✓ Open WhatsApp
✓ Open individual or group chat
✓ Tap Chat Options (the three dots that appear up right)
✓ Tap Export chat option
✓ Choose Export WITHOUT media files
✓ Select 'ChatChart' to export chat

Another option: A chat that has been previously exported to a .txt file can also be analyzed, simply select it in the file manager and open it with 'ChatChart' app

In addition to statistics generation and visualization of chats, there is one other useful function for WhatsApp:

☆ Fast Message. This option allows you to create / open a new WhatsApp chat from the recipient's phone number, without adding it to the contact list in advance

These created chats, after sending a first message, will be available to be used from WhatsApp, without having to access 'ChatChart'.Download

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