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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Best Letters Launcher App Android Application

* Best Letters Launcher App  Android Application*

An android launcher, it is concise, it is simple, it is efficient.
You are no need to tidy your apps, all apps will sort by the name to the letters in the launcher.
You are no need to swipe swipe swipe .... to find the app in the launcher.
You can open any app in most two steps.

TStay focused using the minimal launcher with style and functionality.
POpen your phone 40% less.✶
EdReduce distractions with our notification filter. 80% of all notifications do not warrant interruption.✶
Focus on what matters.✶
✶Feature-packed free version.✶

What do users say? "Pure, simple, beautiful". "I love my phone again!" "Filtered notifications make my day." "Exactly what I was looking for." "Really great to use." "Best launcher." "Totally recommend."

Before Launcher gets your time back, by giving your phone a minimal look. This minimalist launcher provides many useful features including:

Minimal homescreen
Quick launch of your most important apps. It’s configurable, too!

Customize the look, make your own clean style
Choose from our large list of photo, gradient and solid themes or create your own.

Fast access to your favorites and everything else
Fast access to all your apps in a scrollable, sortable & searchable list.

Favorite, folder and hide your apps
Group apps into folders. Pin apps to the top of your apps list. Hide unwanted and distracting bloatware. (available)

Hide less important notifications
Our filtered notification drawer is unique. Less important notifications do not interrupt you with vibrations or noise. They will not clutter up your notification bar. But you still receive them and they are accessible with a quick swipe.

Notified but not distracted
Focus on what is essential. Important notifications still notify you, so you don’t miss anything.

Built to be private
We are not in the business of capturing or selling your data. We do not track any data that identifies you. We even allow you to turn off our anonymous analytics.

No required permissions = more privacy / security
Many other launchers want 10 or more device permissions. (the notification filter asks for one access but you can turn it off that feature).

Go longer between charges
Use our true black background to preserve your battery (if your phone has an AMOLED screen).

Take control of your phone
Before Launcher sorts apps by their size, their installed date and the last time you used them. Uninstall the ones that take up too much space, or you never use.

Style your app icons
Add our own styles and also add 3rd party icon packs (beta feature)

Easy set up
Our guided process helps you get Before Launcher set up in no time.:.

▷ -Features:

■ Basic features of Application:

✔️Important notes:

Best Letters Launcher App  Android Application:

 Everywhere Launcher is a sidebar app (edge ​​launcher) that allows you to open sidebars by touching / swiping any screen edge so that you have your apps, shortcuts, widgets, contacts always available only a single touch or swipe away.

This app allows to have multiple different regions at the screen edge and each region can open up different sidebars depending on the gesture on it. This way you have all your content just one swipe or touch away, no matter in which app you currently are.

Main features

Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets or folders to a sidebar
→ Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets to a folder inside a sidebar
→ Arbitrary number of handles (touchable regions, whose touch open a sidebar)
Put those handles to the left or right side or even to the top or bottom of your screen
→ Many triggers (gestures) available (slide up / down / left / right, click, double click, long press) which will open a sidebar
Enable multiple triggers per handle (for example, you can open "all apps" sidebar if you swipe right on a handle and open "recent apps" if you slide down on the same handle)
Sidepages with search functionality and predictive search (T9)
→ Action sidebar - a trigger on a handle will DIRECTLY start an action, it can not be faster
→ Action folders - click the folder to open the first entry in the folder, swipe the folder to open the folder
Blacklist apps (you can disable this app in blacklisted apps)
→ All apps / contacts and recent apps sidebars / sidepage (recent apps work in Android> = 5 as well!)
Icon packs support
→ Personalize the look & feel of the app => change colors, transparencies, sizes, styles and much more
→ Personalize all sidebars and handles at once and override the default settings per sidebar and handle
Tasker support for those who want to automatically open sidebars triggered by any event or whatever else

Other features

→ long press an icon in a sidebar to open a menu and show the app settings for example
→ style icons in sidebar => rename, change icons
Different folder styles: stack, tile, action folder ...
→ and many more ... just try it out..

▷  What’s New


Premium Application Features: 

What’s New

Best Letters Launcher App  Android Application  Android Application:

🆓Unlock all the features of AUG L by purchasing AUG L pro,
> Use Search keys having a length of more than 2 character,
> Use Gesture for,
- Open apps
- Run Shortcuts
- Run AUG L services
- Control events (Wifi, Hotspot, etc,),
> Swipe actions (2 finger).
> Expand Notifications, Recent apps, Expand Quick settings by Gesture / Swipe.
> Customize unread badges.
> More page animations (Book, One rotate, Fade all, etc)..Download

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