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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Untold Mysteries MOD APK 3.4 (Unlimited Money) Android

Escape Game Room Adventure – Untold Mysteries MOD APK 3.4 (Unlimited Money) Android

Join the Untold Stories for adventurers seeking escape games. Play the role of a soldier’s combat warrior who on a mission was captured by the enemy forces.

Are you ready to survive after the war then it’s the right place for you, Think of yourself in the extreme condition you want to survive and save the family from Enemies, Experience a very tough and difficult time in the war zone? If want to get through in critical situation think out of the box and solve concealed Puzzles and mysteries behind you act smart to survive to save the family from war Escaping Zone.

Game Story:
In the War Escape game you’ll find yourself as a soldier with heart of gold. Gradually sets in the post-apocalyptic world where WAR between nations brought humanity to the path of destruction. Be a hero to the loneliness family and help them find a safe haven from this war zone. Use your combat skills and intellect as a soldier to solving puzzles, finding hidden objects, acting smart and you might have a chance to survive. As you probably foresee your mission is to help the family escape from this hostile place before it’s too late!

What If the blessing becomes a curse itself! Would you like to see your beloveds perish before your eyes? And you couldn’t do anything because you are immortal. Find a way undone the blessing cursed upon you and search for your own death in this breath taking heartbreaking world. Start from a young man and discover your path to become mortal again. Search for ancient ruins and fight against eternal psychological warfare, the first and last chapter of your personal cultivation begins here.

Get ready for the adventure of your life on the nuclear-exposed island. Choose and find the fast way to escape from those hazards simply with one click, when you feel in a nuclear emergency. On the way, you will face complex puzzles, mutants, anomalies, and madmen! Find out the terrible secret of who is still guilty of what happened? Take complex decisions that will determine not only your fate but also the fate of hundreds of people caught in a terrible catastrophe!
All Exit is closed the enemies are behind you. It’s time to proceed with an adventure voyage, Every room is a trap made of twisted minds think like a warrior, Look carefully for clues and use your logic to the limits. Even a tiny thing made you survive and escape from the zone.

If you are a lover of escape games, then try this adventure mystery once. This game will be fun, and the challenge will keep your toes to be engaged. Play this adventure buster point and click game anywhere anytime. Bring yourself engagement and excitement, and you never get fatigued.

Play more than 100 levels
Exciting 150+ puzzles and riddles to solve.
Elegant graphics to search through!
Game localized in 25 major languages
Daily gifts are available.
Featuring step by step hint facility.
Unique attractive locations
Suitable for all age groups
Awesome and mysterious sound effects

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